Online Marketing Solutions

Stay ahead of the competition with Senit’s Online Marketing Solutions. We provide you with effective online marketing solutions that are simple to adopt and execute.

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We conduct appropriate Pay Per Click advertising that help a hotel’s site become visible online within a budget suitable to the client. Using targeted keywords we match target websites relevant to our clients across Google AdWords and Social Media AdWords. This is done using Google’s contextual targeting technology. This helps spread awareness of the website across the globe and thereby increase awareness.

SEO optimization

Our in-house SEO specialists provide SEO technical support with advice and suggestions regarding the latest SEO trends and requirements. This ensures that our clients have a strong online presence and are ranked well. Using the latest tools and trends we optimize your website. We help your website reach a good ranking online to ensure you a competitive edge on your competitors.

Email Marketing

We understand the importance and the power of email as a marketing tool. We create email promotions and news update promotions that capture the attention and interest of potential customers. Attractively designed the emails create exposure for your accommodation by reaching a wider audience. We also use social media networks such as Facebook to your advantage by posting regular updates creating further awareness about your property.

Social Media Marketing

We help promote and gain wider online coverage for your property across news feeds, social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and via newsfeeds. We take your brand and make it relevant online, as nowadays consumers trust their online social networks for up to date factual information regarding products. Social Media Marketing has more impact on the modern consumer rather than paid media as information from user to user is valued for being more authentic.


We use Google Analytics and Business Analytics to analyse and improve your conversions and bookings. This helps you to monitor your business progress and make necessary developments when and where necessary. We provide detailed statistics on your website activities which gives you an insight about your performance.

Trip Advisor

Make use of one of the travel industry’s most recognized travel advisory sites. We will help you maximize your potential through Trip Advisor by assisting with maintaining guest reviews, content, photographs, as well as with providing relevant responses to customer reviews. You can even track your performance online.

Content Management

We provide you with clear, concise and relevant content that incorporates the necessary requirements for search engine optimization while being interesting and informative for customers. Our professional content is factual yet written in an attraction manner that will immediately take the reader on a journey of discovery regarding your accommodation. We ensure that you always get original content that helps you gain online recognition.


Our dedicated team of photographers visits your property at a convenient time for you, to capture eye catching attractive images of your accommodation. Photographs are an essential way to capture attention and market your hotel online. Online striking images help a customer make an immediate decision regarding a hotel and confirm the booking.

Web Development

We work with handpicked web development partners that have proven records in designing websites that are responsive and relevant. Your website will provide your customers with the best possible experience, with easy navigation, reading and viewing on all mobile devices. We also provide consulting services on how to enhance your online visibility through methods such as SEO optimization, using the latest tools.