senit technologies

About Senit

Senit is the innovative and intelligent online travel hub for Sri Lanka that caters to future online trends, now.

Our Journey

Senit Technologies is a fully owned subsidiary of Sunshine Travels and Tours (SST) which is an IATA, SLAITO and TAASL member, registered under the Sri Lanka Tourist Board. SST is jointly owned by Sunshine Holdings and Blue Ocean Ventures, which is a BOI approved venture capital fund.

Since 2000 the Senit team has provided the reservation technology to global online travel agents who handle online reservations of thousands of hotels, villas, guest houses, apartments and BBs from around the world. During Senit’s years in operation, the company has developed XML links with over 100 plus global wholesalers as well as online hotel reservation systems of individual hotels. Recently, Senit brought this global technology to the Sri Lankan market with the aim of assisting the local tourism industry, to develop according to the requirements of the international tourism market and thereby increase their revenue.

Our strength lies in the fact that we are constantly evolving and growing. As a company we are always ahead of the game regarding online trends and requirements. We develop intelligent online reservation systems which are innovative so that our customers reap the benefits of a relevant and functional online presence. Considering the current infrastructure and tourism boom in Sri Lanka and understanding the increase in online usage for day to day activities including holiday requirements, an online reservation facility is now a necessity for any accommodation supplier.

Technical Superiority

Our products and services go beyond expectations as the company is backed by a dynamic leadership and an enthusiastic and qualified staff that ensures Senit’s position from a pioneer to a leader in the online travel field.
We have a team of IT specialists with years of experience in the online travel industry plus young minds that understand the modern consumer requirements who work together to adapt solutions to fit these requirements.
Senit’s core product – Internet Booking Engine (IBE) – is a state of the art technology that takes hotels to the next level in the online travel industry. We operate a highly secure infrastructure with the highest level of online transaction security which is PCI/DSS compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Our system further supports 3D Secure Transactions with Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code verification and processing.

Professional Support

We do not stop with just providing an IBE but go the extra mile with services that add value to our clients. We provide our clients with a range of Online Marketing Solutions and Distribution facilities to maximize their bookings and increase revenue.
We study and predict online consumer behavior trends and developments and as a result we are able to adapt our products to suit the ever changing market conditions. We are even able to develop solutions before it becomes a requirement so that we are able to deliver beyond expectations.

24*7 Operational & Customer Support

We help see a booking through from start to finish with our experienced and qualified 24x7 customer support team. Our professional customer support team is trained in handling both local and foreign customers and in converting inquiries into confirmed bookings. They work tirelessly to ensure confirmed bookings for our clients.
We have a committed operational team to look after client needs and to handle backend operations for a smooth working relationship. We also provide our clients with one on one back office training and support so that they are able to manage their back office operations personally.
All financial transactions are handled by our dedicated finance team who ensures that all dues to the clients are settled by the agreed upon dates, so that financial matters are handled smoothly and efficiently.
Senit envisions a time when all the properties in Sri Lanka will be relevant online and on par with international hotels for online connectivity. We would like to invite you to join us on this journey.